Remote Access

UAS Raichur associated with MyLOFT for Remote access service.

MyLOFT (My Library on Fingertips) is mobile & Web App Platform to libraries digital resources any time, from anywhere. MyLOFT empowers patrons to Discover- Access- Organize and Share e-Content of their personal and professional interests seamlessly across mobile and web platforms using a Mobile App, Web App and Browser extension.

You can also download the app: In two different ways:

A) Open the MyLOFT app on your desktop:

While using the MyLOFT on desktop, remember to download the browser extension: (for Chrome Users) (for Microsoft Edge Users)

B) Download the MyLOFT App for your mobile: (for Android users) (for iOS users)

Please note: 

  • Users need to type the Institute name as “University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Raichur”  
  • Only registered users will be able to access the subscribed eResources remotely. If the user’s account is not created they can contact their library admin.