Rules & Regulations

Membership of the Library is open to all the teachers, students and employees of the cadre of Laboratory Assistants and above working in the University.  It is also open to such other persons who are directly or indirectly connected with the University.

Rules for Membership

  • Teachers and other eligible employee of the University working at the UAS, Raichur main campus can become members of the Library by producing a library membership letter from the concerned Head of the Departments.
  • Students admitted to the various courses in the University at the UAS, Raichur main campus can become members of the Library by producing the fee issued from the University Comptroller’s Office or any authorization letter from the Registrar.
  • The members of the Library can take on loan books from the Library which is/are considered permissible by the University Librarian. At a time a member is permitted to take the number of books as indicated below.

Sl. NoCategoriesNo. of BooksDuration Books
1Key officers/professors12One month and Renewable
2Associate Professors/Assistant Professors
and others working in similar cadre
10One month and Renewable
3Service personnel2One month and Renewable
4PG/Ph.D. Students5Two weeks and Renewable
5UG Students3Two weeks/not Renewable
6Diploma/Certificate2Two weeks/not Renewable


Library Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 09 am to 09 pm
  • Saturday :  09 am to 04 pm
  • Sunday: 09 am to 01 pm
  • Closed on Government Holidays

Timing for Issue & Return of Books

  • Monday to Friday: 09 am to 07 pm
  • Saturday: 09 am to 01 pm
  • Sunday: No Transactions

Regulations for Books Circulation

  • Books are lent to the members on clear understanding that they are fully responsible for the safety and proper upkeep of the books. They should not make any entries in pencil, ink or by any other means in any part of the book. They are responsible for the damages to the Volume(s).
  • The Library authorities will have the full discretion to decide whether to recover the cost of the book from the person who has taken the book, in case the book is found damaged; or demand the replacement of the book itself.
  • Members who are found to be indulging in damaging the Library reading materials and other articles are liable for disciplinary action by the University which may amount to anything from replacement of the Library materials or articles and forfeiture of Library facilities to rustication from the University up to a period of one academic year.
  • On no account the books borrowed from the University Library are transferable to any other member; nor shall any member borrow books on other member’s tickets.
  • The members should be in possession of the identity card while entering the Library. At the time of borrowing books, both the identity card and Borrowers tickets should be presented.  The Library Staff at the issue counter will not issue the books where the borrower’s ticket is not accompanied by the identity card.
  • The books loaned to the students and other members should invariably be returned to the Library on or before the due date. In case the due date happens to be a holiday for the University Library, the books should be returned on the succeeding day.
  • If a member fails to return the book on the due date, he is liable to be charged Overdue Charges at Rs. 1/- per day per volume up to the date of return.
  • A student who does not return the books will not be admitted to the next semester, unless he returns the books due and pays the overdue charges and obtains No Due Certificate from the Library.
  • The members are requested to report immediately to the Library authorities for any loss of books borrowed from the Library. The value of the books lost by the member will be recovered in full by the University Librarian who will have full authority to fix the cost of the book.  In case where some rare books and un-priced publications are involved, the University Librarian will fix such prices which may be much higher than the original cost of the book.
  • At the discretion of the University Librarian, any volume loaned to any member can be called back without giving any reasons.
  • While entering the Library, all the members are requested to deposit their belongings (Raincoats, Umbrella, brief cases, bags, files, vanity bags, note books, etc.) in exit or the property counter. They may be collected while the member leaves the Library. On no account the Library staff could be held responsible for any damage or loss to the property of the member while in temporary custody of the attended on duty at the exit counter. For making notes loose sheets of paper will be permitted by the Library official on duty.

General Regulations:

  • Members have an open access of books in stacks.  If they are required to examine the books before taking them on loan and exchange their Readers Tickets (one reader’s ticket for one book) at the circulation counter.
  • It will be the sole responsibility of the member for books borrowed against his/her tickets. Under no circumstances the Library is responsible for TRANSFER OR MISUSE OF READERS TICKETS.
  • If a member is in arrears, books will not be issued to them unless they clear the dues.
  • Books taken out for consultation from stacks need not be restored to the shelves; they may be left on the reading tables in the Library.
  • Members shall intimate any change of address to Library for making necessary entries in the Library Records.
  • Members may suggest any book or journal for the Library.

Inter Library Loan

  • Books and other reading materials not available in the Library may be procured on loan from other Libraries and Institutions for the benefit of the readers.
  • Books and other reading materials available in the Library and requested on loan by other Institution may be lent out. At a time about 10 titles may be sent on loan for a period of three weeks.

Loss/Broken/Mutilated/defaced Borrowers Ticket

  • In the case of loss Borrower’s Ticket, a duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- (per ticket) only, after a lapse of one full calendar month from the date on which the borrower reports the loss in writing.
  • Broken, mutilated and defaced tickets may not entitle a member to borrowing privileges. In such cases, a duplicate ticket will be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- per ticket only, when the case is reported and the broken, mutilated, defaced, etc., tickets surrendered.

No Due Certificate

  • To obtain a NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the University Library the members shall return to the library, all the books borrowed by them; and pay the overdue charges if any, outstanding against their names and surrender their Borrower’s Tickets and Membership Cards.

SC/ST Book Bank Facility

  • Students who belong to SC/ST Category can avail the facility from the university library by borrowing 3 books at time per semester.


  • Photocopy of the documents of Library can be had @ Rs. 1 (One Rupee) per exposure subject to copy right act during Library working hours.